Introducing SellingPoint System v6

SellingPoint is the platform that brings smooth communication between a business and their suppliers, dealers, sales team, and customers. SellingPoint is all about the connections. Connecting your data, connecting your people, and connecting your established business processes in a way that brings a great return on interest for your organization.

If an organization has a dealer network and/or a sales team, how does everyone communicate and stay on the same page with pricing, availability, and scheduling? How does this organization efficiently track, in detail, the satisfaction level of each customer? How can does this company effectively process orders so that they don't just come in as a piece of paper, but as a package that can be split up with some of the data going to the shop floor, some going to accounting, and some interacting with the ERP system? SellingPoint is specifically designed to handle these scenarios for any size organization.

In many cases, a business may already have a piece of the puzzle in place that they have come to depend on. Their people are trained and know how to use the existing software. In such cases there may be a higher ROI (return on investment) if the company continues to make use of that investment. That is why SellingPoint makes communication with virtually any existing in-house system possible with the Inner System Communication Platform.

What can SellingPoint bring to your business today? Here is a short list of things SellingPoint gives you right out of the box:

  Explore the exciting new possibilities to integrate almost any data in your organization
SellingPoint introduces support for a wide range of backend systems such as accounting and ERP, creating a complete end to end environment for your data to be housed in. With a wide range of connectors and adapters, you are free to move data through different systems as needed. The open architecture of SellingPoint, based on standards such as XML, make integration with even the most obscure system possible.
  A full features e-commerce web store front
Getting your products and service available online is a snap. With only a couple clicks of the mouse you'll find your entire product line online with pricing, imagery, and any parametric flexibility. With support for master pages and theming, the SellingPoint e-commerce store can be fully customized to fit the look and feel of your company's existing site. In addition to appearance, SellingPoint workflow allows you to define the order in which your order entry process occurs. No longer are you strapped to a single way of taking orders. Now you can specify what information you want collected and the order in which it is entered.
  Online customer portal for dealers and salesmen
Built into the SellingPoint online services is a customer portal that allows a customer to log in and see account status, order status, billing history, and other features that allow the customer to self maintain their account with your company.
  High powered reporting and analysis
Running analysis at any level is made possible through the new reporting features in SellingPoint. These reports can be generated in real-time and pull the absolute latest data available to your company. Save these reports in a variety of formats including Word documents and PDF files. Also export to Excel to run further analysis.
  Organize and manage your dealer network and sales team
New features in version 5 make it possible to manage several hundred dealers and salesmen with ease. Quickly switch between accounts and coordinate order entry from your entire sales division.
  Publish and maintain custom product catalogs and price lists
Since each dealer and sales team may have different products and different pricing assigned to them, SellingPoint makes it easy to reflect that product scope and pricing in each catalog that is published to dealers.
  Get control of custom quotes and estimates with SmartQuote
Getting the information needed and answers to important questions is necessary to make an accurate custom quote. Using the new SellingPoint SmartQuote technology, you can assemble an interview that will guide a salesman or customer through a wizard that will ask all the questions you need answers to. In return you can prepare a quote which can be electronically sent back and forth to the customer until the quote is approved.
  Powerful, flexible, robust customer relationship management
CRM functionality is vital for any business. SellingPoint incorporates a customizable CRM system that can be extended across manufacturer, supplier, dealer, distributor, and end consumer. This allows data to be viewed in flexible ways such as on a per job, per dealer, or per end consumer basis.

Using powerful features in SellingPoint CRM, dealers and distributors can easily manage sales opportunities, leads, and customers. The ability to track and report on this data can be accomplished from any computer either connected to the internet or working offline. The hierarchical nature of SellingPoint CRM makes it possible for the manufacturer to see a live view of all sales activities in the field at any time.
  Scheduling for every resource in your organization
The series of services that enable SellingPoint to communicate across manufacturer, supplier, dealer, distributor, and end consumer are now all available under the service called SellingPoint Exchange. This can be hosted by Vesigo Studios or installed on-site.
  Support every step of the way
Technical support is available in many ways and is there to help you succeed in your SellingPoint implementation. Community forums, blogs, email support, live chat support, phone support, and a knowledge base are just some of the support tools we make available to make it easy for you to get the help and inspiration you need in the way you want it.
  SellingPoint Workflow - working the way you want
Business policy and personal preference often dictate the how data flows through an organization. No two companies are alike in this regard. The solution is to break down company data into small blocks and apply rules to them. This makes it possible for your data to flow in the manner your business needs and is what SellingPoint Workflow delivers. SellingPoint Workflow is supported throughout the system and is key in areas such as the order entry process, where you can now completely customize the flow of the ordering process.