Getting Started with SellingPoint

SellingPoint is a turnkey solution for establishing and maintaining an organization's connected commerce presence. With thousands of features to take advantage of, In fact, many users of SellingPoint end up creating new business units and businesses just to make better use of the wide range of possibilities connected commerce brings to their organization. So where do you start?

Since each organization has it's own set of needs and licensing requirements, we will be happy to translate those into a quote for you. Follow these steps to get started today:

Step 1
Get an overview of what SellingPoint can do for your organization by reviewing the product overview section of this site.

Step 2
Think about what you would like to see SellingPoint do for you organization. What would be your main goal?

  • Sell your products online
  • Showcase your products to different audiences, but no selling online
  • Use as a mechanism to generate quotes
  • Replace an existing order entry system
  • Give internal personnel a better tool for entering and tracking orders
  • Give dealers and sales teams a better way of entering and tracking orders
  • Improve your online presence to increase customer loyalty
  • Maintain your multi-channel lead among competition

Thinking of such scenarios will lead you to generating a mini business plan that will outline how you see SellingPoint generating additional channels of revenue, streamlining operations, and increasing customer service satisfaction.

Step 3
Finally, put that plan into action by scheduling a demonstration with a qualified SellingPoint sales representative who will be able to talk with you about how SellingPoint can advance your business plan. You may wish to then take SellingPoint for a test drive to ensure that your needs can be technically met by the software.