Features in SellingPoint Version 6.0

Since 2002, the SellingPoint software title has progressed through several iterations of changes both in features and target audience. Throughout it all however, SellingPoint continues to strive to bridge the digital gap that exists between manufacturers, dealers, vendors, and consumers.


SellingPoint maintains its position as a “connected commerce” system. This means it is designed to connect the people, systems, and departments necessary to conduct commerce in a more efficient way. The ability to connect all of these entities together in a rich, interactive and real-time way will synergistically generate opportunities for any organization. This type of system offers practical features such as order entry, quoting and estimation, anytime catalog updates, real-time monitoring of sales and consumer activity, and many other operations.

Developed with Roles in Mind

With the newest release of SellingPoint, we have striven to cater to the acute needs of those who would benefit most from SellingPoint. The roles we target are specifically:

Inside the manufacturing company:

  • Content Creators
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • I.T.

Outside the manufacturing company:

  • Sales
  • Vendors and Suppliers
  • Dealers and Sales Teams
  • Architects and Draftsmen
  • Contractors
  • Consumers


SellingPoint 6.0 is now available.