SellingPoint Overview: Vendors and Suppliers

Vendors and suppliers will benefits from these features:

Inventory status direct to manufacturers

  • Vendors can provide a live feed back to manufacturers indicating the products, pricing, and availability they offer to the company.
  • The feeds are easy to create and maintain by vendors. In most cases the feed can be generated directly from the vendor’s ERP or other inventory system so that it is constantly up to date no matter time of day. Many vendors are already using such feeds to keep manufacturers informed of current hardware and raw materials.
  • SellingPoint offers the organization and consumption of such feeds free of charge.

Inventory aggregation services to Exchange Portal

  • SellingPoint provides a public portal that can be used to advertise product availability to manufacturers that currently don’t work with the vendor. The vendor can post their products, availability, and price in a live feed that manufacturers can search through.
  • The feeds can be aggregated through SellingPoint as public or private, depending on the preference of the vendor.
  • This service is provided without charge to the vendor.


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