How to Purchase SellingPoint

An investment in SellingPoint is an affordable and sensible way of establishing an ecommerce presence on the Internet. You have the option of starting small, with the basics, so you can test out your organization's performance online. Do this with the confidence that SellingPoint can scale to handle the needs of large enterprises with tens of thousands of customers and products.

Since each organization has it's own set of needs and licensing requirements, we will be happy to translate those into a quote for you. Follow these steps to get started today:

Step 1
Make some brief notes on what you would like to see your organization do with SellingPoint. Include answers to questions such as:
  • How many people inside your business do you think will need to directly use the SellingPoint software?
  • What systems, such as Microvellum, do you want SellingPoint to connect to?
Step 2
Locate your regional sales representative by clicking here...
Step 3
Contact your sales representative and request a quote, offering your comments from step 1.