Installation on Windows Vista or 7

Installing SellingPoint software may require administrative privileges the first time it is installed, something that is often times blocked in Windows Vista and 7 for security reasons. This protection is accomplished through a feature in Vista and 7 called User Account Control, or UAC for short. Here is how to ensure that OnTime software is installed on Windows Vista/7, with or without UAC turned on:

  1. After downloading SellingPoint software, start the installation by right clicking on the file and choosing Run as administrator.

    Setup as administrator
  2. Setup will then initialize. If you have UAC enabled on your Vista/7 PC, the following prompt will appear. If it does, choose Continue if running Vista or Yes if running 7.
    On Windows 7:
    Allow UAC
    On Windows Vista:

  3. Continue setup as usual by following the onscreen prompts.


If you have any difficulties with installation, you can contact Vesigo Studios customer support at or via another method available listed on the Vesigo Studios Contact Page.