SellingPoint Overview: Consumers

Consumers will enjoy using these features:

Shipment tracking

  • Comprehensive tracking and tracing tools will keep the customer up to date as to the exact whereabouts of their order.

Exchange Portal

  • Customers will find the resources available at this portal useful in helping them complete their projects with more options.
  • They can search or browse through products and materials made available through vendors and suppliers posting their inventory in the portal.
  • Project management tools will help them bookmark and watch items available from vendors. This makes it possible to watch price fluctuations or bookmark items of interest for future projects.
  • The portal is offered for use without charge to customers.

Project Portal

  • This portal extends the manufacturer’s or dealer’s SellingPoint online store with additional features that cater to consumers. Designed to make it easy to convey clear descriptions of a customer’s order, the project portal will provide the ability to view renderings created with design tools such as 20/20. Any and all resources related to the project can be posted to this portal so that the customer, sales person, or manufacturer will have common access to all resources involved in the transaction.


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