SellingPoint Overview: Additional Assets

The following resources and services are made available to SellingPoint users through the web site:

  • Self service online training courses
  • Custom training courses conducted remotely
  • On-site custom training courses

Customer Relationship Management (Vesigo CRM)

  • SellingPoint ships with Vesigo CRM, a unique customer relationship application which combines the benefits of internet connectivity with the speed and performance of a traditional rich client application that runs on the Windows desktop. Vesigo CRM is not a web based CRM application that is accessed through a web browser, which tend to stop a user in their tracks when either the server is down or internet connectivity is not available. Instead, Vesigo CRM runs on a computer or laptop like a normal program and syncs its changes to a central server. In turn those changes are synced to others in the organization. The result is a CRM system that is flexible and connected to everyone in near real-time, but is always fast, rich, and reliable.
  • SellingPoint also supports tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and is the preferred method for high end CRM requirements.

Shipping and Receiving (Vesigo OnTime System)

  • SellingPoint ships with Vesigo’s OnTime System, a transportation and logistics management solution that is in use by hundreds of users. This makes it possible to bridge the gap when it comes to managing shipments and orders once they leave the manufacturing facilitate.